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We live in a world that seems to require staying endlessly busy. As parents, we are often one step ahead of ourselves, tumbling through the day. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the power to step back, realign and sync up with a different pace, one that perfectly matches the pace of childhood.  

More than a membership, The Kids Moon Club is a year-long journey and community tied not to keeping up, but to looking up. This experience was designed with the help of nature, inspiring families to connect, celebrate, play and walk together through all thirteen (yes 13!) full moons of 2018.  


🌕 WHAT'S INCLUDED 🌕 The Kid's Moon Club is a journey and experience designed by Nicolette Sowder of Wilder Child. At the start of the December 2018 lunar cycle and every new moon though out the year, Club members will gain access to a new full-moon collection delivered digitally. Each collection contains art activities, stories, recipes and more. Everything you need to inspire your moon child and throw thirteen magical full-moon celebrations.  

Take a Peak Inside ✨ 

These aren't worksheets or cookie-cutter printables, each collection is filled with meaningful, creative content designed to align your family with a more natural rhythm, have fun and turn towards each other. Each bundle contains a:  

  • Lunar calendar
  • Full moon history & astronomy sheet
  • Moondala
  • Phenology journal
  • Full Moon Forest story
  • Lunar art activity
  • Moon treat / recipe
  • Zectangle coloring sheet 
  • A book & song play list  

Get On Moon Time Each lunar cycle runs from new moon to new moon. Track phases with the lunar calendar, fill out your phenology journal to connect with your local environment and create a Moondala to help set you intentions for that lunar cycle.  

13 Full Moon Forest Stories The Full Moon stories is the narrative thread that connects the entire year-long Kid's Moon Club adventure. Children will walk beside Luna and Orion as they traverse the Full Moon Forest discovering the magic, mystery and helping to move the moon forward on its path. 

Everything Your Need to Throw 13 Cosmically Cool Celebrations Moon treats, song lists, stories, games, art ideas - everything you need to throw 13 magical full moon party. Create a new tradition, inviting family and friends to celebrate the full moon with you! 


BONUS! Private Online Community. This is one of the most exciting aspects of The Kid's Moon Club. Not only will you circle in and bask in the light of your children, but you will also be celebrating the full moon with other families all over the world! 

The community is also the place where free bonus materials will be provided including The Kids Moon Tribe banners, lunar crowns, story maps and more....

What Families Are Saying...

What Families Are Saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Moon Collection? A Moon Collection is a digital bundle made available to all Kids Moon Club members on the first day of the new moon. The new moon is different each month. Each Collection focuses on the Full Moon for that cycle. It can be downloaded, printed and enjoyed throughout the lunar cycle, culminating in a Full Moon Celebration.  

Can I sign up at any time? Unfortunately, the Kids Moon Club will only open once a year. Make sure you secure your spot!  

Do I automatically get access to the Private Facebook Group? Yes, you do. This is a great place for you to learn and share with other families from all around the world who are on the Full Moon Journey. It is also where you can find some great bonus goodies for your Moon Child.  

What age is the Kids Moon Club for? We think there is something special for all ages in the Kids Moon Club, but 4+ would be the ideal age. We believe that siblings, friends, parents and grandparents joining in makes The Club a more valuable experience.  

Is the Kids Moon Club for homeschoolers or schoolers? The Kids Moon Club is a unique resource for both homeschoolers and schoolers. We wanted this to be a way for children and their families to connect with nature irrespective of their educational path.  

Is this appropriate for families in the Southern Hemisphere? The full moon falls on the same day all over the world (how powerful is that!). In that sense, it will still be a fun, creative and connected journey in terms of helping families align, get in rhythm and learn about what is emerging in other places around the world. However it might not match up exactly with your biome. And this may be something that gets developed next year.  

Can I pay for the entire year all at once? Yes. If you are interested in that option, please email me at  

Do I need this internet for this? You will need a connection every new moon in order to download the collections (and there are aspects of it that are best printed), other than that it is not required. the moon collections are designed to be participated in off line. That being said, I plan on being very active in the private FB group, and it will enhance the experience to be able to access that.  

Can I cancel? The Kids Moon Club is best experienced as a full year journey, but we understand that your needs may change throughout the year. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time, but we don't issue refunds once an individual monthly Moon Collection becomes available.  

If you have any more questions, please don't hestitate to contact me here!  



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